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About Outcomy

The Outcome-Oriented Academy

The Outcome-Oriented Academy (Outcomy) is a Global Online Centre of Excellence, providing research, educational programs and insights for organizations worldwide. Outcomy’s thought leadership is powered by a combination of the wisdom of crowds and experts.

Our History

Our journey started back in 2012 by delivering collaborative learning interventions for the Global Aviation Industry. The learner-centric delivery model was well received gaining high ratings from participants all over the world. Over the past 4 years, 1000 participants representing 300 clients located in 100 countries including Leading Airlines, Civil Aviation Authorities, Business Jet Operators, Air Charters, Airfreight Carriers, Commercial Helicopter Companies, Aircraft Manufacturers and MROs have participated in various educational programs developed and presented by Outcomy.

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Our Program Development Model

Outcomy identifies key problems faced by industries using collective intelligence methods and offer custom learning programs to solve those problems with the involvement of our consortium of independent experts. This unique approach bridges industry thought leaders and practitioners through an outcome-oriented problem solving model.

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Our Knowledge Partners

Outcomy operates through our unique consortium model, which allows us to offer you the advantages of leveraging innovation through collaboration. Over the past 10 years, we have evolved as a consortium of many educational institutions and consultancy providers worldwide.

Our Promoters

Outcomy’s global consortium is headed by Exucate Limited, a global executive education service provider offering off-the-shelf and bespoke learning interventions for Organizations  around the globe. Exucate have been serving the learning industry for the past 10 years delivering thousands of online, classroom and blended learning interventions for clients worldwide.

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Outcomy’s Vision

Our vision is to blaze a trail beyond the frontiers of knowledge creation.

Outcomy’s Mission

Our mission is to lead every learner towards success, through outcome-oriented and learner-centered approaches.

Outcomy’s Values

As an organization and as individuals, we value agility, creativity, collaboration, honesty, integrity, sustainability, continuous improvement and learning. We are passionate about learning and are fully committed to our learners and alliance partners. We keep innovating in our efforts and always strive to exceed the expectations on us.